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  • Бусина Грифон
  • Бусина Грифон
  • Бусина Грифон
  • Бусина Грифон

Бусина для браслета, грифон.

Грифоны — мифологические крылатые существа, с туловищем льва и головой орла или иногда льва. Имеют острые когти и белоснежные (или золотые) крылья. Грифоны — противоречивые существа, одновременно объединяющие Небо и Землю, Добро и Зло. Их роль — и в различных мифах, и в литературе — неоднозначна: они могут выступать и как защитники, покровители; и как злобные, ничем не сдерживаемые звери.

Диаметр отверстия
4.2 мм
Серебро 925

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Бусина Грифон

  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Размеры (ДxШxВ): 17мм
  • 3000₽

  • Ориентировочные цены в других валютах (обменный курс PayPal может отличаться):
  • Australian Dollars: $81
    British Pounds: £46
    Canadian Dollars: $73
    Chinese Yuans: ¥373
    Czech Koruna: 1321Kč
    Denmark Krone: kr.397
    Euros: €54
    HongKong dollars: HK$440
    Poland Zloty: zł250
    US Dollars: $56
  • Цена в бонусных баллах: 3000

Вы смотрели

от Lesley Brown
Бусина Пень

What a great character! Beautiful detail including rings as found in real trees. Was looking for a face to add to forest themed bracelets and this is just perfect.
от Katarzyna 
Бусина Грут

Groot is smaller bead but it’s very detailed. It fits perfectly for any composition. Not too big and not too small. I think this one has WOW factor :) I really like this one.
от Kat
Бусина Падший ангел (девушка)

Beautiful charm, very delicate, ideal for many bracelets compositions.
Бусина Зайчонок

I have never seen such a realistic bead! Looks real alive! It's great I highly recommend it
от Sara Comery
Бусина Мартовский заяц

Love my slightly mad looking March hate holding the perfect amber coloured cup of tea , he’s weighty and very detailed , really fun
от Ecrulo
Бусина Механическое сердце

I think it's the most beautiful heart of all that Arhaik has made so far. I hope there will be more hearts to collect :) Just simply love it!
от Sara Comery
Бусина Соня

Beautifully detailed and original design , not too heavy and sits beautifully in my Alice in wonderland bracelet
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Сова

This owl bead is really perfect and stunning in the bracelet. I was little bit afraid about the wings, how they will fit next to the other bead, but it's perfectly shaped and it is great next to the muranos or stones beads.

This bead it's not small at all and I really like it a lot. And as I read above in reviews I also will appreciate if Hedwig from Harry Potter series will be made one day.
от Sara Comery
Бусина Синяя Гусеница

This is one of my favourite Arhaik beads .. he’s super weighty and I have him as the focal , even his little feet are detailed all the way around , fantastic charm ,amazing
от Susan Ducasse
Бусина Нюхль

The beauty is in the details...just like the mischevious and treasure seeking Niffler of the movie screen. A weighty charm, but compact and a great size for a focal or part of a themed bracelet. I must say, I love the fact that Arhaik caters to the fans of Harry Potter; it fires the imagination like nothing else, and having this charm is like having a real niffler on your wrist!


Тампер Шаман

Тампер Шаман

Трубочный тампер, вырезанный из рога..


3000₽ 4000₽

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