Латунный вариант бусины Чумной Доктор с вертикальным отверстием, под темляк.


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Бусина Чумной Доктор латунь

  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Вес: 8 г
  • Размеры (ДxШxВ): 19мм x 14мм x 14мм
  • 1000₽

  • Ориентировочные цены в других валютах (обменный курс PayPal может отличаться):
  • Australian Dollars: $22
    British Pounds: £13
    Canadian Dollars: $20
    Chinese Yuans: ¥106
    Czech Koruna: 373Kč
    Denmark Krone: kr.112
    Euros: €15
    HongKong dollars: HK$123
    Poland Zloty: zł69
    US Dollars: $16
  • Цена в бонусных баллах: 1000

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Бусина Чумной Доктор

Бусина Чумной Доктор

Чумной доктор -- бусина для браслето..

Хит продаж


чумной доктор, шляпа, средневековье, чума, лекарь,

Вы смотрели

от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Хищник темлячная

I love this piece, it's really big and heavy, but I wear it on my necklace and it looks so good. I ordered also one for my friend as a gift and she was really happy!!!! Very detailed piece or art. Thank you!
от Annalisa Russo
Бусина Падший Ангел

I met this craftsman after seeing this bead on facebook. Obviously I had to buy it. A little big but wonderful, together with the female angel they make a wonderful couple.
от Ecrulo
Бусина Ирис

Beautiful flower, seats well on the bracelet.
от Kat
Бусина Механическое сердце

Awesome looking charm. I do reccomend to anyone who loves hearts.
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Астерикс

Very cute charm this Asterix, very realistic and together with Obelix they are great pair for my fairytale bracelet. I reccomend it.
от Julie DIEVAL
Бусина Астерикс

This bead is stunning! The details are awesome. Thank you!
от Heather Emery
Бусина Фавн

This is quite a wide bead but not too big. I like the way his horns curl and touch his ears so there are no spiky bits to get caught on your clothing. Just perfect for fans of the movie, or for anyone wanting a mysterious looking bead.
от Sara Comery
Бусина Голлум

Time after time I came back to this charm , it is Gollum ,no one else could capture him as perfectly
от Kat
Бусина Листья

Another round charm with amber looking just perfect. I love the size of the charm. Its big and heavy
от Robert Ramos
Обратная сторона Луны

An incredible solid bead! Two designs in one, the moon on one side and the cute rabbit on the other. Brilliant
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