Бусина с цветами, сделанная полностью вручную. Использованные материалы: серебро, медь, бронза, зелёная латунь, медно-серебряный сплав.

В единственном экземпляре, повтор на заказ невозможен.

Диаметр отверстия
4.5 мм
Серебро 925

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Одзимэ Цветы

  • Наличие: Продано
  • Вес: 11 г
  • Размеры (ДxШxВ): 22мм x 22мм x 22мм
  • 6000₽

  • Ориентировочные цены в других валютах (обменный курс PayPal может отличаться):
  • Australian Dollars: $162
    British Pounds: £91
    Canadian Dollars: $145
    Chinese Yuans: ¥745
    Czech Koruna: 2642Kč
    Denmark Krone: kr.795
    Euros: €107
    HongKong dollars: HK$881
    Poland Zloty: zł500
    US Dollars: $112
  • Цена в бонусных баллах: 6000

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Шар с цветами

Шар с цветами

Кованый полый шар из четырёх металло..


Вы смотрели

от Susan Ducasse
Бусина Филин

I can't believe I forgot to review this one! Such a pleasing charm to the eye and also to the touch- I cannot figure out how the head spins so smoothly- a lovely idea, since owls can rotate their heads pretty much 360 degrees! The details are beautiful too - all the feathers and the serious expression of the owl are all captured so carefully. Arhaik has truly scored a masterpeice with this one.
от Daniil Popov
Бусина-одзимэ Лешачиха

Очень красивая бабушка, привела в неописуемый восторг!
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Печка

Very nice historical piece, I ordered it for my friend and she is really satisfied with it. For me it looks like from very famous fairytale we call in Czech Republic " The gingerbread house" where the witch is trying to bake children in her stove.
от Katarzyna 
Бусина Камуфлори

I have bought this one for my Harry Potter inspired bracelet. I have to admit that all charms from the HP world are looking extremly good. This one is not any different. Very detailed, well-made, standard size (as for Arhaik standards :))
Одзимэ Дракон

the dragon is splendid! Fantastic bead as a center piece of a bracelet or unique as a necklace pendant. looks real and is very detailed!
от Kat
Бусина Горегубка

Another perfect charm from the HP World looking just as it should be :)
от Katie
Бусина Раненое Сердце

I like the way those ambers sparkle on this charm. Pretty heart, very detailed. One more time perfect charm I get from Arhaik.
от Sara Comery
Замок Дракон

Stunning detail on the dragon lock , a nice weight and solid , makes my Ohm bracelet feel very secure
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Зайка

For the second time I ordered Bunny with golden inlays and I have to say it's much more beautiful than my first one which is all silver. I just love it, this charm is not so big, but still has lot of beautiful details and looks great on my bracelet! Thank you!
от Susan Ducasse
Обратная сторона Луны

Absolutely breathtaking. Arrived beautifully wrapped and wax-sealed. Gorgeous charm, with every detail observed in perfection. Thank you.


Тампер Шаман

Тампер Шаман

Трубочный тампер, вырезанный из рога..


3000₽ 4000₽

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