Хит продаж
  • Бусина Зайчонок
  • Бусина Зайчонок
  • Бусина Зайчонок
  • Бусина Зайчонок
  • Бусина Зайчонок

Бусина Зайчонок для браслетов (подходит для Trollbeads, Pandora и пр.) с изображением зайчонка в комбинезоне, кепке и с рогаткой.

Серебро 925

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Бусина Зайчонок

  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Вес: 10 г
  • Размеры (ДxШxВ): 13мм x 15мм x 19мм
  • 3500₽

  • Ориентировочные цены в других валютах (обменный курс PayPal может отличаться):
  • Australian Dollars: $81
    British Pounds: £47
    Canadian Dollars: $73
    Chinese Yuans: ¥387
    Czech Koruna: 1353Kč
    Denmark Krone: kr.414
    Euros: €56
    HongKong dollars: HK$450
    Poland Zloty: zł261
    US Dollars: $57
  • Цена в бонусных баллах: 3500

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Хит продаж


зайчонок, милый, зайчик, зайка, рогатка, комбинезон, кепка, малыш, милота,

Вы смотрели

от Rebekka
Бусина Смауг

Love this dragon very much. Even when the character in the movie is greedy
от Susan Ducasse
Бусина Снитч

I honestly think the maker of these charms is a sorcerer, or warlock. How can they be so delicate, yet so functional with moving wings and deep detailing, unlike the other snitch charms I have seen which are lightly etched. Really tactile and I can't help but play with it even when it is not sitting on my Harry P bracelet. Thank you for this charm, it is one of my favourites, I like to buy multiples of your charms if they delight me and this will be on my list.
Бусина Кит

Keith est une superbe baleine tout à fait sympathique et prête à bondir hors de l'eau pour pouvoir admirer ses yeux et son ventre ciselés avec art. ******
от Susan Ducasse
Бусина Мартовский заяц

I adore this bead. So much so, I may need another the same. From the huge ears, to the slightly crazed look, fluffy tail on the bottom and beautiful amber 'pocket watch', this is a an amazing creation, best Alice themed beads are by Arhaik.
от Ecrulo
Бусина Сфинкс

It's a beautiful and detailed medium size charm. This cat looks very stunning. Well done.
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Снусмумрик

Very cute and precisely made piece in standard size. Very satisfied with all figures charms from Arhaik. Thank you.
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Змей Горыныч

Very beautiful dragon with 3 heads, I was surprised, that in reality it's really precise detailed piece. Very nice, I ordered for my friend and she is very happy.
от Bekky
Бусина Гримуар

Another great charm. It is fairly bog but still sits well on bracelet or bangle.
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Маг

I love this piece, bigger piece for the centre of the bracelet or I love to wear it on the necklace too. The amber stone in his hand is shining like real magic ball. Very happy to buy this one!
от Kat
Бусина Снусмумрик

Charm is very detailed. Rather small but still a Proper size.
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