Шахматная фигура Королевы, по собственному дизайну.


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Есть ли у вас какие-либо вопросы о Шахматы: Королева?

Шахматы: Королева

  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • Вес: 80 г
  • 5000₽

  • Ориентировочные цены в других валютах (обменный курс PayPal может отличаться):
  • Australian Dollars: $135
    British Pounds: £76
    Canadian Dollars: $121
    Chinese Yuans: ¥621
    Czech Koruna: 2202Kč
    Denmark Krone: kr.662
    Euros: €89
    HongKong dollars: HK$734
    Poland Zloty: zł417
    US Dollars: $94
  • Цена в бонусных баллах: 5000

Вы смотрели

от Heather Emery
бусина Кролень

A large bead, but not too big, sits nicely on a bracelet , and so cute !
от Rebekka
Бусина Медвежонок

Very cute bear. Fits perfectly with many themes.
от Ecru
Проставка Лотос

Very detailed and solid. Strongly recommend!
от Heather Emery
Бусина Хорёк (круглая)

Lovely and sinuous, I like the way it curls round the chain like a real ferret.
от Sara Comery
Бусина Соня

Beautifully detailed and original design , not too heavy and sits beautifully in my Alice in wonderland bracelet
от Kat
Бусина Лилия

Very simple but beautiful bead. Needs to be careful as it have no back but still sits well on the bracelet.
от Michaela Springerova
Одзимэ Цветы

This is very beautiful, large and detailed piece of art! I was surprises by it's size, but to wear it in the necklace it's perfect size of the charm! I just love it!
Проставка Лотос

Excellents séparateurs aux motifs lotus bien équilibrés. L'intérieur de la coque est également un travail de grande finesse avec ses minuscules billes couvrant toute la surface. Ces fleurs s'adaptent parfaitement aux perles Reyko un peu plus petites que les Ohmbeads. Je suis enchantée de mon achat.
от Heather Emery
Бусина Акула

This is a very scary shark ! The shark is depicted in an active pose with his tail curled round, this does mean that the tail can catch on things, but I haven't found this to be a problem.
от Michaela Springerova
Бусина Позвонок

I was surprised that this charms is like real vertebra, very nice piece which looks on the bracelet like piece of art. Thank you for your work.


Тампер Шаман

Тампер Шаман

Трубочный тампер, вырезанный из рога..


3000₽ 4000₽

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